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Explore the Intersection of Science and Stories in The Girl Who Named Pluto

Ripe with many opportunities for content-rich learning opportunities, The Girl Who Named Pluto is a welcome addition to the study of fictionalized biography, the solar system, and the power of interdisciplinary thinking.

Fast Enough: Bessie Stringfield’s First Ride

“Have you ever been told you are not enough?” With this opening line, author-cartoonist Joel Christian Gill grabs the attention of readers of all ages and introduces us to the legendary Bessie Stringfield, the first African American woman to ride solo across the United States on a motorcycle.

La Frontera and Dreamers

La Frontera: El Viaje con Papá/My Journey with Papa Written by Deborah Mills and Alfredo Alva Illustrated by Claudia Navarro Published by Barefoot Books, 2018, ISBN 978-1-78285-388-6 Book Review “Cuando era niño, mi familia vivía en el pequeño pueblo de La Ceja, en el centro de Mexico, en el estado de Guanajuato. Mi familia había vivido allí […]

Post-Orbis Pictus Nonfiction Musings

Imagine having hundreds of nonfiction books arrive on your doorstep. A teacher’s dream come true, right? When you’re a member of NCTE’s Orbis Pictus Committee, you are living the dream as you unpack box after box of titles, ranging in audience from preschool to young adult. The NCTE book award committees are somewhat unique in […]

Becoming Bach

Becoming Bach Written and illustrated by Tom Leonard Published by Roaring Brook Press, 2017 ISBN #978-1-62672-286-6   Grades K and up   Book Review   “New sounds, happy sounds, quiet sounds, yellow sounds, red sounds, blue sounds. All the sounds in my head.” In Becoming Bach, a picture book biography written and illustrated by Tom […]

Ira’s Shakespeare Dream

Ira’s Shakespeare Dream Written by Glenda Armand and Illustrated by Floyd Cooper Published in 2015 by Lee and Low Books Grades 2-7 ISBN: 9781620141557 Book Review “This above all,–To thine own self be true…” As a young African American boy, Ira Frederick Aldridge sat spellbound as Shakespeare’s Hamletwas brought to life on the stage of […]

Malala: A Brave Girl from Pakistan/Iqbal: A Brave Boy from Pakistan

Malala: A Brave Girl from Pakistan/Iqbal: A Brave Boy from Pakistan Written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter Published in 2014 by Beach Lane Books ISBN: 978-4814-2294-9 Grades 2-5 Book Review Stories can help explain the unspeakable, inspire bravery, and conquer fear. As the world faces and responds to violence rooted in social and political forces, […]

Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence

Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence Written by Gretchen Woelfle and Illustrated by Alix Delinois Published in 2014 by Carolhoda BooksISBN 978-0-7613-6589-1 Grades 2-8 Book Review “Mankind in a state of Nature are equal, free, and independent.” As Mumbet carried a tray of drinks to the men penning these words, she wondered Wasn’t she a part of […]